Pediatric Massage Therapy an Overview for Clinicians

Pediatric massage is a special treatment which is given by physician. This treatment is only for those children, who have debilitating medical condition. Some symptoms found like anxiety, stress pain, loneliness and fear. These symptoms check by the doctors and only doctors give the permitting for pediatric massage as a alternative treatment. Research has shown that pediatric massage work physically as well as mentally. This therapy is a healing therapy, where child grow properly. Pediatric massage therapy is not given by every massage centre. Some specific massage therapist provides this therapy as a treatment.

Pediatric Massage therapy
Pediatric Massage therapy

Pediatric massage for the child with special needs

This massage therapy reduce chronic all such as asthma, nausea, constipation and muscle aches. After receiving this massage patient will find good results, but the main problem facing by the doctors. They might be unable to diagnose such problem in a child. For the padiatric massage required lots of experience and proper training. Therapist need to make a friendly environment with the child because child comfort zone is first. Therapist doing work on soft tissue, they do manual manipulation through massage. That will be improving child’s health as well as adolescents.

Some time it will be so difficult to deal with padiatric patient, because spend so much hour in a hospital will increase the anxiety level and might be they refuse the padiatric massage. Each individual child requires cognitive development. Attention of each ckild’s will be differing. In a pediatric massage children receive skin to skin contact.

pediatric massage therapist and child

For the pediatric patient, therapist need to learn some ease step which make a strong bonding between the therapist and child.

Peace:- Therapist should to know that the session with the pediatric patient will be so shorter then adult client. Therapist may be providing more then one time in a day. So feeling of trust into the child is most important. Therapist should always try to to remove stress of a patient and make a peace in their mind.

Comfort:- Child’s require a comfort level first, during the massage child receive loved and care. When your child upset and fussy, give him a gentle massage to help calm and soothe him. When child gives you you a happiness massage that will be a comfort level and can continuing the massage.

Enhanced the social skills:- Through this massage your baby receives wide rang of benefits. After gettinh this massage, your child will interact to more persons and decrease the violence. Get balanced mind. He will be happier then that condition. F children get massage from theirparents will be more helpful for them.

Positioning:- Positioning is most important factor. Some patient can’t move without wheel chair while others have the ability to move from their bed with ease. therapist need to do work with different condition that will be good for therapist as well as padiatric patient. provide massage in other positions as well, such as sitting in a wheelchair, standing, or lying in another position that is more comfortable for the patient. These things will increase your time and comfortless of the child.

benefits of Pediatric massage

During this massage , baby can gain their weight and improve the immune system. Children who are facing asthma like diseases, they are unable to take breathing, this massage improves their breath and makes their life so ease. It’s also deal with insomnia, child’s get longer sleeping.

Parents play a important role during the pediatric massage. They will have to convince the child for taking this massage. Try to give more and more attention. Mother touch is always protectable for child and the bonding between the mother and child are so strong rather then others. So it will be good if this massage can give by the mother. She has to learn some basic steps then can start at home.