8 Steps to give Foot Massage at Home

Foot is very important part of body, it s required equal caring as other parts.  You should to know that how to give foot massage at home otherwise you will be find more pain in feet. Wonderful feet always give a magical filling. We found that many employee doing there standing work, so such kind of work needed a rest,

Foot Massage- How To Give Foot Massage Therapy At Home
Foot Massage- How To Give Foot Massage Therapy At Home

Some woman working at home ,and all time standing posture will be so harmful for their health, many models and generally girls using high heals, they find pain in their heals. Above all the basic example many more things happened that causes people finds pain the pain. When pain happened nobody can concentrate on work, everyone wants fast relief as soon as possible. As an therapist I want to introduce you some basic steps which can be perform at home,

basic things to Give Foot Massage at home

You need to ready basic things for “feet massage at home” like Warm water, Oil, Lime, Lotion and towel.

  1. Put the warm water on big size tub
  2. Half of slice of lime put in the water while other lime you can used as a scrubber, at the lower portion of feet.
  3. Warm water gives softness of your feet and lime extract toxin from your feet and gives you full relaxation.
  4. Take a towel, soak it in footbath then using it on your feet. Hold the towel for few seconds, gives relaxation and also doing well cleaning of your feet.
  5. Gently holding the feet and rotate clockwise and anti clockwise, rotate each feet.
  6. Holding the feet on and gently gives a pressure by your thumb, which gives proper blood circulation on your feet vassals.
  7. Using a lotion on each foot and providing some massage on upper portion of feet as well as lower of the foot. The same procedure follows on another foot.
  8. Starting the massage outside of her ankle, need to find the muscle meet the bone. Remember one thing. You have to applying a slightly pressure.

Hope you like this post to know that how to give foot massage at home. It will give charming look to your feet.

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