Thai Yoga Massage- What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga massages basically known as, traditional Thai massage.  Thai yoga massage uses some yoga posture that’s why it’s called Thai Yoga Massage. Thai yoga massage perform on the floor both the therapist and client.

What is Thai Yoga Massage
What is Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage involves lots of body movement, so the clients should to wear comfortable cloths, which allow easy body movement and flexibility.

This massage is taken from the Indian Ayurveda.  According to ayurveda, human body makes with three main things-VATA, PITTA ana KAPHA. Here Vata means air, Pitta means water and Kaph means earth. So the practitioner treats each person according to their unique constitution.

Use of Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massages use as a body treatment which comes from practice. Before providing this therapy you need massage therapy certificate. In this massage client shouldn’t take heavy meal. It is form of exercise, which is performing in the morning period. Fresh airy environment is well suited fir this therapy.

This massage not only works on physical but also gives mental and spiritual satisfaction.  Main motive of this massage is to restore the energy and increase the healing system.  Energy is not seen by people but through the “yoga massage therapy” you can feel the energy and increase your body stamina.

Thai yoga massagealso related to Buddhist meditation. During this procedure mind going on very calm and energized the body which giving healing the body. In such therapy giver and receiver both enjoy. its only reason “Thai Yoga Massage” is very popular in high society. Most of working women now want to enjoy their time with handsome person, Thai yoga massage give them opportunity to be close with massager.

Our spa center most of women required male massage therapist to give them “thai yog amassage” at home. Every time we note that our professional massage therapist take longer then regular massage time. you should to understand what they done after massage. so enjoy Thai Yoga Massage to add fun & enjoy in your life.

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