6 Easy Steps to do Warm oil massage at Home in Spa Style

What is warm oil massage? Warm oil massage is wonderful massage which many people do at home.  This massage has proven that healthy massage which gives proper blood circulation. Warm oil massages removes the stress and give calm sleep.

Warm Oil Massage- What is warm oil massage
Warm Oil Massage- What is warm oil massage

Those people who are facing with insomnia, the warm oil massage will helpful for them. Warm oil massage depends on proper techniques. Body Massage with oil massage affects not only the physical body, but also the vital energy, the mind, the intelligence, and the consciousness. Massage techniques as integrated parts of a total healing system.

Regular massage is the key to good health and is prevention and cure of diseases. oil massage makes skin shinier and gives proper strengthen to body. This massage removes the excess fat of body. It improves immunity in the body and removes the wastage.

In this massage different oil perform different work like sesame oil reduce the sadness, jasmine oil reducing the frustration,  caster oil reduce the pita dose. Warm oil massage will take 20-30 minute after then body feel more relaxed and calm. This massage is very helpful f it done regularly.

Warm oil increase the body heat which is good for joints, and penetrate the deep tissue. This massage increases the body stamina. Warm room is good for giving a message. Ayurveda recommends doing it in the morning, before bathing and this could be made a habit during the winter season.

How to do warm oil massage at home?

  • 1-3 cup sesame oil for massage.
  • You need to do warm this sesame oil, check it before giving the massage, if its so hot, make it cold according to skin.
  • Start massage from upward to downward direction.
  • Keep doing this massage when the skin such all the oil.
  • In the arms and legs it should be done straight up and down and the feet should be given a thorough massage.
  • Relax for at least 10 minutes, allowing the oil to penetrate inside the skin.

After completing the massage you can go for batand also can use cleanser on the body. So, these are some basic steps to know “what is warm oil massage?” which can follow anyone and take the advantage of oil massage. you can also find useful tips on thehealthylivingloungewisewomanayurveda, & sify.