What is Hot Stone Massage? Answer with 9 Benefits of Hot Stone massage

As the name describe hot stone means hot stone use in massage therapy. Warmed stone use on the muscles and back bone to give relaxation. A Professional massage therapist have detail information for question “What is Hot Stone Massage?”

what is hot stone massage
Hot Stone- What is Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Therapy is not new technique, this therapy continuously in use as 1500 b.c. this therapy use to give healing and relaxation to whole body. Stones are carefully used by therapist in particular place like back bone, arms and thigh for rejuvenate the body and mind. Hot stone mainly originated by Japanese tradition and western India.

Stone which is use in this therapy are heated on 120 to 150 degree F water. A heated stone gives warm to muscles and tissues which make proper blood circulation. Sometime therapist also use cold stone depends on client condition.

Therapist learns many more procedure during their training period. They understand the type of skin, in which condition should to give such massages. A variety of technique uses in hot stone therapy.

This hot stone therapy may be followed in traditional massage.  The stone release warmness in the muscles, when the stone going to cool, again replace by the hot stones. A specific size of stone use in this therapy. variety of sizes depending on their function and placement.  The shape and colour also matter, rounded palm stones, and the primary colour is dark gray or black. Semi volcanic and semi precious stones are used.

stone size- 5 inches to1 inches according to massage. These stone works on belly, feet, neck and palm.  Some small stone also use on face and tender areas.

Benefits of hot stone massage-

  • Warm stone release heat to muscles which give relaxation within very short period.
  • Hot stone loosens stiff muscles.
  •  Hot stones creating sensations of comfort and warmth in the body.
  • Improve the body and overall health.
  • Improving your sleeping.
  • This stones soak the all negative energy.
  • Draining lymph nods and toxin from the body.
  • Remove back pain.
  • It helps in migraine and other headache.

So when you will go on take massage therapy should to know all the benefits and then decide which one is best for you. You can also take help of your massage therapist. Hot stone therapy provided in spa. you can also know more benefits of hot stone massage at sheknows & livestrong. Before taking this massage you should to know “What is Hot Stone Massage?” so that you can decide which stone you want to use, because therapist have different type of stone option.

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