How To Do Face Massage at Home

Hear we show you How To Do Face Massage at Home. Massage is the way to rejoice your skin and you look younger. Woman’s always curious about the shiny skin. Massaging is the best tool for the skin. This era is going for grooming and getting the best look. Through the face massage you can give a charming look for your self. Massage is the complete treatment of skin and body. Face is the point of attraction, so shiny face always remarkable.

How To Do Face Massage at Home
How To Do Face Massage at Home

Face massage tips & techniques

These tips you can use at your home and sure you will find good results. There are numerous benefits you will get in face massage. I am sure you spend a huge amount on massage at parlour but this time you will save the money. you can follow regularly this procedure.

Massage tools

Bowl, massage cream, towel, cold water, hair belts to cover your hairs.

How To Do Face Massage at Home?

For Face massage Please follow the following 15 points:

  • You have to remove your upper cloth because massaging your neck and shoulder also.
  • Clean your hand properly and take the massaging cream.
  • Apply cream on your face and neck. Very gently doing massage. Don’t use pressure. Finger will be free so it can run on your face.
  • Take a cold water and apply on face and neck. Try to do massage from the neck.
  • You have to use upward strokes during the massage.
  • Move your hands on the chick and jaw.
  • Massaging outward to your ear.
  • Same procedure you will continue around 30 times for the best results.
  • You need to understand always start from the left side and end with the right side. This movement called alternate stroking.
  • Use your thumb on circular motion up to the nose. You have to use thumb on clockwise direction. Start from the top of the nose and end with forehead.
  • Use your palm for stroking the fore head in gentle way. Following with the left hand, repeat alternative stroke.
  • Now this time use your finger around the eyebrows for eye finishing. Place the tree finger on upper eyebrow. Apply a little pressure then release the pressure at the end of the eyebrow.
  • Rocking movement- use index finger on upper lip and second finger on lower lip. The ring and little finger on your chick. Start massage on the centre of the mouth. Slowly move your finger at he end of the lip. You have to apply pressure only for 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Shoulder massage- place your both hands at the centre of the chest. Starting massage on outward direction. Move your palm continues and alternative. doing shoulder massage for 10 seconds and then give finishing touch.

Hope you like this massage techniques. Try it at least once then decide should to go parlour or taking it by self.