Indian Head Massage Technique

indian head massage technique are very good for relax your mind. World is going on so fast and people spending their valuable hours in office. When they back at home, they have stress, tiredness and weakness, so head massage is best option for reliving stress. Head massage is common which is perform by anyone and will give fast relief and freshness. Most of the people doing the head massage but some people don’t’ know the proper way.

indian head massage technique
indian head massage technique

When you feel tiredness, your skull might feel heavy and tight, in that condition you should do head massage.  Head massage is the best, easiest and natural way.  This massage provides fresh oxygen and energy and many more. In this massage the massage therapist use ayurvedic massage healing system.

Indian women use this massage technique as daily grooming. Head massage is originated in India  You can see, every Barbour provide head massage on their client. This massage is also performing at home in India.

Head massage technique

In this massage you can use coconut oil or olive oil. Use your finger gently and apply little pressure. Move your fingers from upward to downward. This massage gives you relaxation. do it continue on the scalp. This movement improve the blood circulation on head. .For this massage required at least one hour.

 Benefits of head massage

  • Remove insomnia problem
  • Permanently remove headache and migraine
  • Giving relaxation to the muscles
  • Boost the immune system
  • Increase stamina
  • Reduce stress
  • Remove anxiety.
  • So have a nice head massage. Hope you remember the benefit of head massage.