Ear Massage – How to do Ear massage at Home

Ear is the most important part of the body. People doing face massage, leg massage, head massage and full body massage but they forget the ear massage. Ear need to special treatment. You will have to give 10 minutes for your ear every day. Outer portion of ear shows Micro systems which represent the entire body.

Ear Massage Technique - How to do Ear massage at Home
Ear Massage Technique – How to do Ear massage at Home

Ear massage increase more relaxation and remove stress. Ear has hold the entire body system like if you have pain on your shoulder, you can do massage to remove the shoulder pain, similar  ear massage to the microsystems thought to be remove the pain of feet, face, legs and back. Some ear specialist says that applying a pressure of particular ear point can relieve the pain.

You will notice when you touch your ear, a excitement run your whole body. This happened because lots of nerves attached in the ear.

Step by step Ear Massage Technique

  • You need to find private and quite sitting. You need to calm and more relaxed.
  • For the massaging, natural light or bright light required for massage because its very sensitive portion.
  • If you have supporting person for massage will be too good.
  • Sit in straight position, you will have to use your thumb and finger for massage.
  • Slowly run your finger in your ear. Continue this massage at least 3o second.
  • Rolling ear lobe toward the top of the ear
  • Begin stroking softly in both the ear simultaneously.
  • Doing gently massage in both the ear.
  • You have to hold ear lobes in several seconds.
  • Move the forefinger in short for ear massage. Cover the whole area of ear massage.
  • A small amount of oil can use during the massage.
  • You can finish this massage in very gentle way.

Before Ear Massage at Home

  • Before taking this massage you need to take some precaution. This massage can perform only in lighting.
  • No extra pressure use during the massage.
  • Ear lobes should be clean and remember not to use in deeper portion of the ear.
  • If you have pain in ear doesn’t perform this massage.
  • Drink the water after finish the massage for flushed out the toxin which release during the massage.
  • People who are in under medical treatment shouldn’t perform this massage.
  • Pregnant lady can concern their doctor first then take this massage.
  • Don’t perform the massage on inflamed and injured area.