female to male body massage in kolkata

kolkata  is very traditional place in India. its very popular to have a food & saree. due to traditionalism its not easy to have a private body massage by female in kolkata. but now you can get it very easily by just call us or write us.

body massage by female in kolkata
body massage by female in kolkata

female to male body massage in kolkata

for our client belong to kolkata we have local massge service that you can afford it. we also have a massage institute to trande girls to give hot & tight body massage to our high class client. some time its very difficult to make happy to client because they ask massager to open their clothes. this is good if you support to provide a good services in terms of body massage by female in kolkata.

If you want to explorer beauty of kolkata. need to stay some day & have fun with beautiful lady massage. all lady giving you so much that you never forget. body massage by female in kolkata provide you full mind freshness.

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    1. They all make me uncomfortable to an extnet, since I didn’t go to doctors growing up (it was against my religion). Now I go, and it doesn’t matter whether I have a male or female. My primary doc is female, but I see several male specialists, including my gyn/oncologist.

    1. Massage Therapy can be a profitable caeerr however it can take years to build a successful practice. You must really like people and be able to separate yourself from others emotions (like a nurse or a doctor). Working in a spa can afford you a steady income and benefits but not the same income as private practice. What you can charge for a massage varies greatly by town/city/state/region.It is a very strenuously job, and most people only stay in the field for 5-8 years due to burnout or injury.I would recommend that if you are interested that find out if any massage schools in your area hold discovery workshops in which you get a one-day crash course.I love my caeerr and don’t regret entering it at all, but I would recommend that you look into it seriously before you make the schooling commitment.

  1. Having given a number of maaesgss, I think I can offer a few tips.A nicely-scented oil or cream is good, especially if the person wanting the massage is tensed up or in pain. Make sure it is warm though: Cold on warm skin can REALLY tense a person up.Apply pressure, but don’t roll the muscle: That will cause it to knot up.Don’t put too much pressure on the feet, if that’s where you’re starting: The bones and arches can be delicate. But holding pressure on spots up either side of the achilles’ tendon will help your legs relax.For a back massage, rub up either side of the spine, and start from low down. That will cause the tension to more or less roll up and out.I hope that helps!

  2. i realy want for massage by a fantasy girl and wana lots of fun plz call me details with rates

  3. I wanna female for full body massage in kolkatta.. Please let me know.. details with rates

  4. High class client looking for exactly this type of massage. Please reply asap with contact details

  5. please give me contact no , i am stay in kolkata for short time and interested for body massage

  6. Next month I will be in Bengaluru and I would like to have good whole body message by F messager. Kindly indicate me the contact number and place with rate per message.

  7. i want know which place in kolkatta and i am coming india may be next month so i want to know how much the charges for all

  8. i am interested. pleae message me your contact number and also what are the massage rates.

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