What is Kerala Ayurvedic Therapy?- answer with Details

Kerala Ayurvedic Therapy is combination of traditional and herbal therapy. its provide body balance and increase immune system to refresh body. it help to recharge mind and soul. Therapy mainly differ from the use of oil and herbal products which is use during massage period.

Ayurvedic Therapy Kerala
Kerala Ayurvedic Therapy

Ayurveda gives many therapy and Kerala ayurvedic is one of them. This therapy followed by many physicians and therapist. Basically ayurvedic gives treatment like yoga and panchkarma therapy.  Many herbal products only produce by Kerala. so we can say Kerala is a born place of ayurvedic massage therapy. krishnenduayur is good hospital working with many Ayurveda therapy in Kerala.

5 Point about Kerala Ayurvedic Therapy

1) Now days many massaging center provide Kerala Ayurveda Therapy with Young Female.  female massage therapist provide you great pleasure of life. so be ready to get fun with female massage therapist.

2) This particular therapy rejoices the whole body and gives relaxation to mind and body.  In this therapy full body massaged by specific herbal oil. This herbal oil based on skin type and selected by therapist. This therapy gives toning and removes access fat of the body.

3) Buttered Milk is poured in a thin stream on the forehead. It is useful in insomnia, migraine, and other stress related problems. In this massage 4-5 litters of herbal oil use which nourished the whole body.its remove metabolic toxin through the skin. Its increase nervous system and gives healthy shiny skin. It also retards the ageing process. Some therapist use different powder for thai massage.

4) This therapy includes the complete plan of body to increase stamina and wellness. Many therapists suggest this massage just because its gives full satisfaction. its also rejoice every part of body. Special techniques use by therapist in this massage. So such kind of massage can’t done at home, you should to take help of therapist.

5) Kerala Ayurveda therapy also used to Increasing memory power. its improving vigor and vitality and make oneself physically and mentally fit. so enjoy “Kerala Ayurveda therapy” benefits & have a healthy life.

Rest of all above have a look on “ayur tech” and prokerala help you to get more knowledge about Kerala.

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